Sunday, August 22, 2010

Speaking your Mind...Part 3

Driving is a privilege that requires responsibility and good decision making…Mr. Hovey has demonstrated he has the ability for neither and should lose his driver’s license permanently. There are no guarantees as to whether or not Mr. Hovey will ever have remorse or will ever seriously address his addiction, however, I do believe that keeping him off the streets for as long as possible could save lives.

I would like you to look at this photo (showed photo of Amit’s truck). This is a photo of the carnage that resulted from Troy Hovey’s choices. This image is branded into my brain…an image I will never forget …an image I wish I could forget… this is the result of Troy Hovey’s choices. I want you to see the devastation…and attempt to comprehend that this is a mere fraction of what he caused because of his choices. The twisted metal, the splintered glass, Amit’s coolers and farmer’s market food scattered across the highway…and behind all of this metal and glass…is the worst tragedy that has befallen my life, Deepika’s life, Amit’s parents lives…the broken body of my best friend, Deepika’s husband and love, Jevesh Tandon’s father, Amit Tandon. I can only pray that in those last moment, he did not have time to think of Deepika, of his unborn child, of his family. My heart wants to believe that he went quickly and without pain and suffering…but the scientist in me knows that there is the possibility that in those last moments of his life, he wanted one last moment to tell his family that he loved them, one last dance with his true love, one last moment to hold his wife and child, ...

...knowing that he would not have that chance as his last breath passed his lips. Those are the thoughts that haunt me.

Troy Hovey killed Amit Tandon, resulting in an immeasurable amount of pain and suffering. Troy Hovey did not just violate probation…he violated the victims, he violated Deepika, he violated me …forcing us to relive this terrible grief. What I want and want Deepika wants…we can never have…we want Amit back in our lives…we want our happy normal lives back…but the reality is, no matter what happens…those are two wishes we will never have granted. We must settle for hope. Hope that with time we will find some peace, Hope that the pain becomes easier to live with, and Hope that we can see Justice served and that Troy Hovey finds remorse and recovery.

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