Sunday, August 22, 2010

Speaking your mind...Part 1

It brings me no pleasure to be here today, but I find that I am compelled to do so. Compelled by the grave injustive done to Amit Tandon and all those that loved and cared for him. I am compelled to be here by teh actions and choiced of one man, a man I consider to be a kller, a killer lacking remorse...a killer lacking a willingness to accept responsibility for his actions and choices.

Troy Hovey has demonstrated a complete inability to make good choices…two years ago Troy Hovey made not one, but a series of bad choices. What happened was not an accident, it was not a mistake, …he did not swerve to miss a deer, he did not pass out from an undiagnosed medical condition, he did not hit an icy patch on the road…he made a choice. Troy Hovey chose to drink to excess, he chose not to call anyone to get a safe ride home, he chose to get behind the wheel and drive at excessive speeds, he chose to talk on a cell phone, and as a result of this series of bad choices, a man died, ...Amit Tandon.

And just as Troy Hovey made those terrible choices on August 6th of 2008...he has chosen to thumb his nose at the court, the law, and all victims, by making the choice to violate his probation. Our hearts ache and we carry this grief with us for the rest of our lives while Troy Hovey shows no remorse or desire to “recover,” essentially spitting in the face of all of his victims.

The pain Troy Hovey has caused is deep, raw, and seemingly unending. There is no number, no price, no quantifiable measure that can truly define the utter devastation and turmoil inflicted upon the hearts and minds of so many, not only by the tragedy two years ago, but by Troy Hovey’s more recent crimes which have wrought continued suffering as we are forced to relive all of that pain, all of that heartache, all the anxiety … reopening wounds that had only just begun to mend.

Deepika and I have a shared loss, and I can tell you that whatever pain I experience, hers is far greater as her loss was far greater. We have suffered sleepless nights, countless tears, anxiety, and heartache. The inner turmoil I have experienced has caused such disruption to my life that there is not one aspect that has not been affected by this nightmare,… depression, distractions at work, stomach problems…I find my relationships have suffered with friends as they struggle to understand what I am going through, often unable to understand and unable to help. My own family is 2000 miles away and yet they suffer as they are unable to comfort me, unable to fix this tragedy that has so severely affected their daughter’s life.

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