Sunday, August 22, 2010

Making a Written Impact....Part 4...No Remorse? No Recovery?

No Remorse, No Recovery

Troy Hovey had an opportunity to make channel supposed remorse to embrace recovery (as Judge Glusman had mentioned in court). In the last two years Hovey has not shown any remorse, restitution is still pending, and he has demonstrated, by violation of his probation, that he is not serious about dealing with his alcohol recovery.

What I know is that Hovey has admitted to having violated his probation and he does not appear to have any remorse for anything he has done. A recent Facebook entry from Hovey (dating from May/June of this year) shows him inquiring, on a motorsports business Facebook page (Chico Motorsports), as to the cost and availability of a luxury item purchase...a recreational vehicle that costs almost $9000...meanwhile, Amit's widow Deepika works every single day of the week (7 days...not just M-F) to make ends meet and take care of her child. Would a remorseful person do such a thing? Would a remorseful person violate probation? Would a remorseful person falsify AA logs? Would someone who has "embraced" recovery falsify AA logs? If he had wanted to seek a different form of treatment, why not petition the court? Why lie and deceive unless he knew he was doing something wrong? Having committed these violations, I pose a potentially even more serious series of questions: What else could he be guilty of? What else may he by lying about? Whose lives may he be putting at risk?

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