Sunday, August 22, 2010

Making an impact....

Over the next few publications I will be sharing excerpts from my written impact statement and my spoken statement for court. Taking a stand does not have to require mountains of effort...each and every person who reads this blog can make a difference simply by submitting an impact statement to the courts when DUI criminals are scheduled to be sentenced, by making the right choice to never drink and drive and to never allow someone else to drink and drive.

It is only by taking a stand and sharing your voice that the courts and society will come to understand that we will not idly stand by while our loved ones are threatened and slaughtered on the streets.

Over 10,000 people die every year!...every a result of DUIs...more people than, I believe, have died in Iraq or Afghanistan...I love and respect our soldiers...they have chosen to be soldiers...Victims of DUIs never get a choice.

I firmly believe that people must be held accountable for their behaviour...for their actions...for their choices...but to accomplish that, people within the society must take a stand and say or do something...or things never change until that unfortunate and terribly tragic day that they have a personal reason to do so...

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