Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend in the North State (CA) and elsewhere...

This weekend, there were over 200 arrests for suspicion of DUI/DUIs....that is just for Butte, Shasta, and Tehama county...furthermore...this number represents the ones they caught...which is a fraction of the number of offenders that were out on the road this weekend, endangering our lives and the lives of those that we care about.

Here are links to some of the news stories...

Chico E-R - Butte county (Drunken driving Crackdown has snared 140 in Butte):

Chico E-R - Butte county (DUI crackdown nets 62 arrests):

Redding Record Searchlight - Shasta and Tehama county (69 people arrested for DUI):

Redding Record Searchlight - DUI Crash (Police: Drunken driver wrecks pickup, calls 911 to report it stolen):

This was interested post that a commenter on the forum shared...In Redding, via public information, the mugshots of those that commit DUIs are posted on a website...interesting...maybe more counties should do this...technically these people were arrested under "suspicion" of DUI however I have a hard time imaging how a sober person would get arrested for suspicion of DUI...

Yolo county - crash (DUI arrest follows Davis crash):

Yolo county - cost of traffic accidents - include issues with DUI (The high cost of traffic accidents) (includes statistics and issues as well):

Salem, MA - Multiple DUI offender held without bail (No bail for convict in many DUIs):

National - TMZ - Faith Evans DUI (Faith Evans Charged with DUI):

National coverage - CNN - doctor DUI (video) (Police: Doctor driving drunk to hospital):

World - Fox - Ecuador - 15 dead, 7 seriously injured (Police: Drunk driver kills 15, injures 7 at Ecuador bus stop):

MADD facebook page - DUI victim vehicle on display at fair (Fairgoers get graphic reminder of impact of drunken driving):

And this is a little dated but astonishing, sickening, and scary.... (17 million drove drunk in 2008):

And the sad reality is that this is a mere fraction of what is going on out there...these were the ones I could track down this evening via the pages I am familiar with).

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