Friday, September 10, 2010

Deja Vu...Sick...Jail (180 days) and Probation for DUI felony!

Jail, probation handed dow in fatal crash (Chico E-R)

I am so upset right now I could just be sick.

I do not care how many letters of support this man or any other killer receives. I do not care how many people they may or may not have helped in their sober life.

Drunk Driving is a is not a mistake or an accident...and worse...this man had been caught once before (but statistically has done it many times without being caught). He caused the death of a human being...

How many people have to die and be maimed by drunk drivers before the courts and public get it...? How many families and friends lives have to be destroyed before things change?

What happenes when this man...who has been arrested for a DUI once and killed a man, his friend, a different time while DUI...chooses to drink and drive AGAIN...? What happens next time when maybe he kills a stranger...or a child...or maybe a whole family?! Another term of probation and rehab after demonstrating supposed remorse and getting people to write letters?

Remorse does not bring back the dead...His friend is dead just the same as Amit Tandon and the THOUSANDS of other people killed every year because of someone's selfish CHOICE. He may have to live with what he has done...but...he gets to LIVE.

Drunk Driving is a choice....It is not an accident or mistake...People need to be held accountable for their actions and choices...regardless of letters of support or the kind of person they appear to be...those things do not bring back the dead or change what happened.

I am just sick over this...I am tired of reading of more DUIs, more DUI crashes...more death...Enough is Enough!


  1. I appreciate your clarity. I guess society is unwilling to use retribution for an "accident" but unfortunately you are right. If it isn't a strict societal taboo upheld by law and punishment it will continue.
    I'm sorry you continue to suffer this so intensely but want you to realize how important your activism, based on your feelings, is. Thank you! Chris

  2. Thank you for you comments Chris...I just feel so strongly on the matter that I need to say something...I need to DO something.

    It is not that I want to see someone spend the rest of their life in prison...but the courts need to hold people accountable for their actions and choices...It is about accountability, responsibility, and not looking at these crimes as the end...DUI is really depraved indifference...

    I think what upset me most is that people look at DUI as an accident or mistake...that too many people refuse to assign responsibility to the person for their choice...

    I hope I am wrong...I hope this man does have remorse, never drives drunk again, and spends his life trying to make sure others do not commit his choices...only time will tell...I would rather be proven wrong than proven right.

    In then end...I must do something to try and make a channel my feelings in a productive way...maybe I will get through to people...

  3. I believe that anyone caught driving drunk should also be charged with assualt with a deadly weapon. What would be the difference in them waving a gun around and firing shots or driving around in an out of control 2 ton piece of metal?