Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Names of Butte county arrests from Sacramento River for Labor Day Weekend

Butte county sheriff lists the names and offenses of labor day weekend arrests from the Sacramento River ... most are alcohol related and many are minors...

I have chosen to just go ahead and copy the page from the Chico E-R website...but if you want the link, here it is:


Here are a few of the people potentiallty put lives at risk, including their own. I would also note...as I have before...this is only a list of people arrested - and this list is ONLY regarding those arrested at the Sacramento River around the float activities...it represents a fraction of the actual number of offenders. Some of these people were arrested for DUI...putting you and your loved ones at risk...this time, we were all lucky...maybe next we won't...


Jessica M. Brierly, 20, Chico, drunk in public.

Carlos Jeronimo Hernandez, 21, Lodi, drunk in public.

Joshua John Welter, 28, Chico, drunk in public and vandalism.


Joshua Fredrick Anderson, 23, Sonoma, drunk in public.

Ryan Ray Baley, 22, Chico, drunk in public.

Krystin Danielle Barker, 20, Santa Barbara, drunk in public.

Derek Thomas Blythe, 20, Chico, drunk in public.

Nicholas Barry Brown, 23, Torrence, driving under the influence.

Christina Marie Calhoun, 22, Martinez, drunk in public.

Richard Patrick Calhoun, 21, Martinez, drunk in public.

Brandon Cameron Carlson, 21, Benita, driving under the influence.

Spencer James Chovick, 19, Santa Rosa, drunk in public.

Ralston Arneaux Dawson, 24, Brentwood, possession of a controlled substance.

Mariah Noel Flores, 18, Ventura, drunk in public.

Thomas Patrick Gallagher, 23, San Francisco, driving under the influence.

Davy Mendoza Garcia, 20, San Mateo, driving under the influence.

Taylor Gillespie, 19, Sacramento, vehicle theft.

Taylor Nathaniel Gilmore, 30, Chico, driving under the influence.

Jonathan William Gualotuna, 22, Chico, driving under the influence.

Miles Daniel Huser, 20, Sacramento, drunk in public.

Benjamin Jacobson, 19, Chico, drunk in public.

Samantha M. Krentz, 21, Chico, drunk in public.

Hannah Elizabeth Lane, 19, Chico, drunk in public.

Taylor Victoria Lewis, 20, San Carlos, drunk in public.

Robert Michael 18, Lothringer, Antioch, drunk in public.

Thomas Alexander 18, Luiz, Lake Forest, drunk in public.

Andrea Maureen Maggiore, 19, Chico, vehicle theft.

Megan Maggiore, 21, Chico, vehicle theft and driving under the influence.

Alexander Manuel Manso, 24, Vallejo, driving under the influence.

Elizabeth McGarraqry, 20, drunk Chico, in public.

Michael Patrick McGuire, 22, Grass Valley, drunk in public.

Claudio A. Morlaes, 22, Chico, driving under the influence.

Ryan Anthony Ramos, 19, Chico, drunk in public.

Steve Rankin, 23, Walnut Creek, drunk in public.

Sam Joseph Runco, 19, Chico, drunk in public.

Amit Singh Sarkaria, 19, Chico, drunk in public.

Cody Lee Smith-Brown, 24, Brentwood, driving under the influence.

Richard L. Storelee, 20, Chico, drunk in public.

Ty Mark Stroud, 19, Waterford, drunk in public.

Craig Robert Tatum-Delacruz, 20, Merced, drunk in public and outstanding warrants.

Summer Marina Thomas, 19, Discovery Bay, vehicle theft.

Nicholas Enrique Zermeno, Chico, 23, drunk in public.

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