Monday, July 26, 2010

Information about the upcoming hearing (Aug. 18) and Impact Statements (Aug. 6)

Sorry for not posting sooner, but I needed some time to process everything (actual and mental)...

Here are the main deadlines to keep in mind (for those that want/need to know):

***Deadline for sending Impact Statements to the Probation Department:
AUGUST 6th (This is a Friday...the office needs to RECEIVE the letters by this day)
(The two year anniversary of what has brought us to this point in the first place)

PLEASE see my last blog has outlines/suggestions provided
by the court.
By following these guidelines, being logical, factual, impactful, as well as strong and
heartfelt, you have the best opportunity at demonstrating the hard truth about
the effect of drunk driving on the immediate victims as well as the cascade of heartache
that effects family, friends, community members, and even well as
issues on remorse, deceit, recovery, and violating probation, squandering an
opportunity given (regardless of whether we agree with that decision).

***Sentencing Hearing: The hearing is scheduled for 9:30 am ON AUGUST 18th
Location: Butte County Courthouse (Oroville)
Date: August 18th (A Wednesday)
Time (of hearing): 9:30am
Be there BY: 9:15 at the latest (You have to go through metal detectors and be waiting
outside the courtroom for the time when they let everyone in to be seated)
NOTICE: If you plan on attending/speaking, PLEASE let me know...the DA would like
to know how many people to expect (email me at:

Please, as always, feel free to pass on this information and/or blog address to people who may be interested or people who want to have an opportunity to say something on the matter to the court.

*** I have been given additional information that may be relevant for some...There is an address where citizens can file legitimate complaints regarding the conduct of judges.

This is the website for the California Commission on Judicial Performance. Everything you need to know about how to file a complaint and what to include in your statement can be found on this site. THIS website is the venue to air complaints regarding the conduct of Judge Glusman who has been reelected to a six year position as no person ran against him...

This information is in my previous blog, but it is so far down on the page I thought I would repeat it in this blog:

The address for the Butte County Probation Department is:

Butte County Probation Department

42 County Center Dr.

Oroville, CA 95965

For now, it is suggested that the letters be directed to this address so they will be included in the probation report. The report is given to the judge and DA in advance of the hearing. The Probation department needs to receive these letters by August 6th.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I thought about what else I wanted to say today, as I write this blog...I have thought about things all weekend in fact...I believe those that have read my blog know how I feel and know how much my life has been impacted by the tragedy two years ago. My pain and heartache is only a fraction of what Deepika and Amit's family have experienced/are experiencing.

In some ways, I so wish my life was not what it is ...two years ago my life changed forever, I lost a piece of my heart that night...forever to be a scar that would not be forgotten...I will never forget...But I will also say this...The void that was left...a void filled with great pain and sorrow...overwhelming at times...over time also filled with joy, love, and friendship. I still feel the ache...I think it will always be there...but I also am overwhelmed with the blessing of having the friendship of Deepika, the joy of Jevesh, and the support, prayers, and positive thoughts of so many people from all over for Deepika and Jevesh...I cannot change what happened. Nothing I do will ever make things right...but I know the end...I can say I tried...that I did what I could to try and make a differance...and that I will continue to do so for Deepika and anyone else I might be able to help...we have to stand up...even when it is hard...maybe, especially when it is hard.

I will stand in court and speak...I may be a mess, but I will be there.

Troy Hovey made choices...not mistakes...and those choices resulted not only in the death of a wonderful man, but a trail of heatache, sorrow, and anger. Drunk driving is NEVER an accident...the drinker knows before that first sip passes their lips that they have a choice, a choice not to drink, a choice to consume that drink at home with no plans of leaving, a choice to make sure they have a safe ride home...There is absolutely no excuse for driving after drinking...None!

Troy Hovey chose to put lives at risk and ultimately succeeded in the worst possible sense. Judge Glusman gave Hovey an opportunity (despite the fact that I think most people would agree it was a poor decision) to show remorse and to "embrace recovery." Glusman fully expected that he would not see Hovey again...technically, he was right...the judge that would end up seeing Hovey was/is Judge McClean. Hovey has not shown remorse and he has demonstrated, by his deception, that he is not addressing his alcohol addiction/embracing recovery. I do believe that if a man shows this kind of character (or lack thereof for that matter) that one must wonder...if he is willing to deceive the court in one way or two...what else may he be lying about...and worse...whose life/lives is he now putting at risk.

I miss Amit so very much. He should be with his wife and beautiful child, holding them close...instead I can only think of him looking down on them as a guardian angel.

Thank you all for your thoughts, kind words, letters, prayers, etc. It means a great deal and I hope you all know how much that is appreciated. Please feel free to contact me via email if you have further questions or concerns.

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