Monday, December 15, 2008

Hearsay or Fact...information provided from comments

The following are pieces of information I have gained from various commentary regarding this tragedy. If anyone has further information regarding the validity of these comments, I would be happy to add that information to this blog.

The following pieces of information have NOT been checked for their validity...I will make any corrections I can if provided the proper sources.

*Judge Glusman will be up for reelection in 2010...Keep this case in mind when you go to vote

*Quote: "Studies have shown that a first time DUI conviction does not represent a first time offense. Those who have been convicted of DUI have been guilty of driving while intoxicated 87 times on the average." (Nauseous in Chico)

* is a website where one can file complaints regarding judges

*Quote: This killer, Troy Hovey, is already protecting his assests from a potential wrongful death lawsuit. Five days before sentencing Troy's wife filed a declaration of homestead ...(Mark in Oroville) (I believe this is an indication that Hovey is protecting his assests and had/has no intention of helping Deepika Tandon or the baby)

*These are links to two news pieces:

*Quote (dated Oct 27): "Just thought everyone should know that Troy was released from jail on Friday Oct 24th to spend the weekend with his family." (In the middle from the US)

*Quote (dated 10/30): "He is in The Well Ministry, not free. The Well is a live-in rehabilitation center" (In the Middle from the US)

*Quote: "Jodea got himself a DUI too

Case Information Case Number: NCR76180


Case Type: D.U.I. Filing Date: 06/02/97

Disposition Date: 08/23/05 DISMISSED UNDER PC 1203.4/1203.4a 08/23/05 08:29 PETITION TO CHANGE PLEA PER PC 1203.4/1203.4(a)

Disposition Date: 08/23/05 GRANTED HON. ROBERT A GLUSMAN; JUDGE

(info from Chico Native in Boulder City NV)

*Quote: "That's not all. Drunk Troy's drunk attorney was charged again two years later with DUI.

Case Number: NCR83699


Case Type: D.U.I. W/PRIORS Filing Date: 09/08/99

Disposition Date: 08/23/05 DISMISSED UNDER PC 1203.4/1203.4a

(from Mark in Oroville)

*Quote: " used to live in the Chico area and spent most of my young life there. I read this article the other day and was shocked. Today I was reading my local news and found a story that is very similar except when I came to the sentence handed down. This is what Mr. Hovey should have been sentenced to not the joke of a sentence he received. Here is a link to the article. You can also view it by going to and it will probably be on the home page. People who make the decision to get in a car with alcohol in their system, drive and kill someone, deserve to be punished severly. "
(from Officer Out of State, Gilbert AZ)

*Quote: "20,000 people die every year from drunk drivers. These numbers are so high because of loser judges like Robert Glusman. I'm sure if Troy Hovey murdered your wife, sister, brother, daughter or son you would get the seriousness of Judge Robert Glusman's lack of professional duty and the seriousness of this news blog topic" (Rachels Uncle from El Monte, CA)

*Hovey only received 180 days in jail...he spent less than that in jail and was let out early to go to the Well for rehab...he was out of jail before the baby was born

*Troy Hovey only received three years probation

*Troy Hovey only lost his license for ONE YEAR

*There are "victim-less" crimes that receive harsher punishment than the murder (yes I am choosing the word murder) of Amit Tandon

*The death of Amit Tandon was not an accident...accident implies no one was at fault....Troy Hovey CHOSE to drink to excess, CHOSE not to get a safe ride home, CHOSE to get behind the wheel while THREE times the legal limit, CHOSE to speed at almost TWICE the legal speed limit, CHOSE to talk on the cell phone while driving drunk, DROVE the wrong way on 99...he chose to put other lives at risk...he made those choices willingly...He originally tried to plead Not Guilty!

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