Saturday, November 1, 2008

A few ways to help make a Difference...Please Help

Here are emails and media make a difference...send letters, comments, whatever you your feelings about the travesty of justice...A drunk driver, Troy Hovey, drove at three times the legal alchol limit, at 80 mph (twice the legal posted limit), on a phone, the wrongway on the highway...the result...the tragic death of Amit Tandon, 32, husband and father-to-be...

Don't just shake your head and say "what a shame", "how tragic"...Please...Take A stand! Make a Difference...

On August 6th, Amit Tandon was the victim of someone else's selfish reckless choices...on a different night it might be you or someone you love...

(See bottom for email list all together, ready to paste into your “To:” section of your email).

Today Show:


Nightly News with Brian Williams:

Dateline NBC:

CNN IReport (set up an account and upload your own story):

CNN and Headline News News Tips:

CNN and Headline News News Story Idea:
CNN News feedback page with links for each show (send letter/request for investigation) to each relevant show:

Headline News feedback page with links for each show (send letter/request for investigation) to each relevant show:

USA Today (Select News Category, then Story Suggestion):

Fox News UReport (Upload your story):

Fox News (including links to separate shows/hosts):,2933,77538,00.html

Chico News CBS Channel 12 (website):

Kelly Saam of Channel 12 news:

Chico Channel 12 News Center (email):

Chico Channel 24 News Center (website – other info is the same as channel 12):

Governor’s Office:

Assemblyman Rick Keene (responsible for north state including Chico area:

Senator Sam Aanestad:

Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa:


Send to your favorite or not so favorite TV personalities – Oprah, Ellen, Rachel Ray, anyone and everyone who can help…get the story out, please...don’t wait until this kind of tragedy touches your life…Make a Difference, Today…


Link to blogs and other reports regarding this travesty: (a father who lost his 18 year old niece to a drunk driver comments on the case of Troy Hovey in the death of Amit Tandon)

IReport regarding this travesty:

Link to Chico Enterprise Record article (with a comment section):

Link to Oroville Mercury (Different comment section for same article:

***Make a complaint regarding Judicial Performance (Judge Glusman was the judge for the sentencing of Troy Hovey):



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