Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6th, 2009...10 months

On this, the 10th month since Amit was killed by Troy Hovey, I would like to direct viewers of this blog to view my second blog ( At this blog, I have been documenting the ongoing story of Deepika, Amit's beautiful wife and their son, Jevesh. Jevesh was diagnosed with multiple heart defects, no spleen, and malrotated intestines. Jevesh will be 6 months old on the 9th. He has already endured to major heart surgeries, multiple procedures, and has spent more time in a hospital than he has his home.

Deepika has had to struggle every single day with the loss of Amit, all the tragedies that resulted from his loss, and the concerns for her child, keeping the business running, paying the bills, and so on. So many times, the public at large and the media, not only gloss over the sickening deja vu of drunk driving death after drunk driving death, they forget about all the other victims that survive such accidents...the ones that don't die physically but lose a piece of themselves that can never be replaced.

I continue to advocate for change. I believe that individuals should not only be educated about and deterred from driving drunk and action be taken to reduce repeat offenders, the punishment needs to be appropriate to the crime...The victims and the families that survive must suffer and be punished for the rest of their to should the perpetrators of such crimes, and I do not speak of these criminals and their conscious if they have one, I mean long term punishment. Prison, loss of license, and lifelong community service...I do not believe these are unreasonable requests...and yet thousands of people die each year at the hands of drunk drivers and the perpetrators not only physically walk away from the crime, they legally walk away with minimum sentences and slaps on the wrist.

Please pass on the address of this blog. Please help make a difference. I am looking for assistance to mount a large scale media effort in August for the anniversary of Amit's death, not just for Amit, but for all the victims and survivors that have suffered senselessly.

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